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Effective Strategies for Organizational Growth in Your Senior Living Community

Like many industries, the senior care market is experiencing disruptions. It can be hard to grow your senior living community under such conditions, but growth is critical for long-term sustainability. There are solutions and strategies to get you there, but what are some of the underlying issues?

  • Identifying revenue cycle management challenges
  • Discovering collaborative strategies between care communities and other service providers such as home care and hospice
  • Ability to generate the human and financial capacity necessary
  • Ability to quickly respond to changes in the market
  • Slow response to technological innovations in the senior care space

Senior community leadership teams and boards are wrestling with future sustainability and the access to resources that allow for organizational growth. When you consider the possibility of a collaborative option with a management firm, it’s not a sign of failure! On the contrary, it’s the opportunity to boldly move forward from a position of strength and with confidence.

Growth Takes a Village

Growth comes from the work of many people. In a senior living community, the leadership team is responsible for the “how” — how services will be structured, how new strategies for growth will be implemented, how that growth will be scaled. The board of directors is responsible for the “why” — why you’re doing what you’re doing. Everything must tie into the community’s mission, vision, values and identity.

It’s crucial for boards to ensure legal, ethical and financial accountability, adequate resources and effective planning. Inspiration can be drawn by putting as many people in the room as possible to work on solving complex problems. The best ideas might come from those you least expect! This forward-thinking mindset can future-proof an organization.

Partner Up With a Purpose

Different types of challenges can drive different types of partnerships. An expansion of service lines might lead to a joint venture, or if resources are lacking or there’s a change in leadership, a management agreement might work best for your senior care community.

There’s a right way, and a wrong way, to collaborate. Desperation instead of inspiration, having no clear strategy or goals in place and unreasonable expectations indicate a path in the wrong direction. Transparency, education and development, focusing on organizational needs over personal agendas, engaging outside support when needed and developing realistic timelines can put communities on the path to success in an ever-changing and volatile market.

Success Starts Here

Gain more insight into effective strategies for organizational growth by viewing this SlideShare presentation. If you’re struggling to grow in today’s senior living market, don’t wait until it’s too late to take action. Take the first step to recovery by downloading our free eBook below or contact UCH Management today.

Is your senior living community in need of a strategic plan for the future? Take the first step by downloading our free eBook and learn what it takes to revive your care community.

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